Below is the performance schedule for this year's Dragon Boat Festival. Come join us on September 22 to enjoy the performances. It's great fun for you and the entire family!

Time Organization or group name: Program
9:30 Cary Youth Voices National Anthem
9:35 Wah Lum Kung Fu Traditional Chinese Lion Dance
10:00 Lisa Zou's Music Studio Joyous Melodies
10:08 Cloud Niners Dance Group Dance : “Flolicking At Lake Side”
10:13 Raleigh Chinese Language School – TaiChi class Chen's Taichi sword
10:25 TACAS/FCC Children's Folk Dancers Dance “Flower Drum Dance” and “Yao Minority Dance”
10:35 So Young Dance Solo Chinese fusion dance with singing: “Why Are The Flowers So Red?”
10:41 Sunny Performing Arts Group Pop dance presentation 1
10:47 So Young Dance Pop dance presentation 2
10:54 ATA-NC, American Turkish Association of North Carolina Turkish Wedding Dance
11:01 Phoenix Performing Arts Group Chinese Mongolian dance “Swan Geese”
11:09 Wah Lum Kung Fu Lion dance
11:16 Race team parade Race team parade


11:33 Sunny Performing Arts Group Modern dance “Listen to the Ocean”
11:39 Laasya School of Dance and Music Indian cultural dance
11:45 Easy Dance Group Chinese folk dance: “Mei Hua Lei”
11:51 China Qi Pao Association of NC Qi Pao fashion show
12:03 East Cloud Kungfu Wushu and Taichi forms
12:15 Rainbow Dance Group Dance: “Water Lilies”
12:21 Duke Blue Rose Dance Chinese folk dance: “Love Rhythm”
12:26 Chapel Hill Chinese Folk Dance Club - Group A Chinese fan veil dance: “A Great River Capriccio”
12:33 DIA Urban Dance Studio Urban dance / Street dance combo
12:43 Triangle Taiko Japanese Taiko
13:04 Triangle Chinese Dance Club Dance: “The Fragrance of Magnolia”
13:12 Ruby Slippers Chinese Dance Club Dance: “Mountain Spirit”
13:18 iDance Club Chinese fan dance
13:25 NCTWCA Youth Group The Dance of Techno Three Princes
13:31 TACAS Cloud Faeries Traditional Chinese dance with single and double ribbons
13:39 Vietnamese-American Association of Raleigh Vietnamese traditional lotus lantern dance: Ai Ra Xu Hue - "Memories of Hue”
13:46 Chapel Hill Chinese Folk Dance Club - Group B Mongolian Chopstick Dance: “Beautiful Prairie& ldyll”
13:56 Lisa Zou's Music Studio A collection of Chinese folk songs: “Flower Drum Medley”
14:03 Formosa Children's Dance Group Taiwanese folk dance: “Tea-Leaf Picking Dance”
14:10 Indigo Dance Evolution Academy Indian Bollywood dance
14:24 North Carolina Youth Performing Team Dance: “Plum Blossom”
14:31 Raleigh Chinese Language School- Yoyo team Chinese YoYo
14:40 Dayanisma American Tribal Style Belly Dance
14:49 Ruby Slippers Chinese Dance Club Dance: “Spirits of the Sea”
14:55 Vietnamese-American Association of Raleigh Vietnamese Cultural Dance: Duong Ve Hai Thon -  "Journey to Happy Harvest"
15:01 Cary Chinese School Dance: “Flower Fairies”
15:06 Triangle Creative Education Foundation Chinese traditional waist drum and battle drum
15:14 Championship Martial Arts CMA's Team Intensity
15:21 So Young Dance Kpop world
15:45 Race Team Award Ceremony