2014 Dragon Boat Festival

Asian Focus is hosting the 1st Annual Dragon Boat Festival for the Greater Triangle Area at Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary on September 27, 2014.

The Dragon Boat Festival started over 2,300 years ago in southern Mainland China during the Zhou Dynasty. Although there are countless stories about the origin of this holiday, the most popular legend, by far, is that of Qu Yuan – a Confucian sage revered in China for his great works in poetry.

As part of the festival a dragon boat race is held each year. Over time, the race became a sport held worldwide (Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, etc.) and is considered the world’s fastest growing water sport with annual events held in over 60 countries

Cultural Performances (Performance / Organization):

  • Lion Dance – TACAS Youth Group Dragon Troupe

  • Fusion Chinese Music – Qin Xiang Xin Min Yue & Lisa Li

  • Violin Soloist Gordon Ma

  • International Fashion Show

  • International Ballet Academy

  • Traditional Korean Fan Dance – Angela Chun

  • Chinese Kung Fu – Chinese Kung Fu Center

  • Korean Taekwondo – Master Chang’s Martial Arts

  • Vietnamese Karate – Vo Binh Tay Son

  • The Beauty of TaiChi Sword – RCLS TaiChi Class

  • Chinese Yo Yo Performance – RCLS Yo Yo Team

  • Modern Dance – So Young Dance crew

  • Chinese Folk Dance – Phoenix Performing Arts Group

  • Folk Dance – Rainbow Dance Group

  • Taiwanese Cultural Arts present Girl Drum Troupe

  • Taiwanese Cultural Arts present Techno Dance of three Princes

  • Traditional Indian Dance – Indian Talent Discovery Foundation

  • Indian Dance – Dancing Divas

 Cultural Food (Organization / Food Type):

  • NC TACCGTA – Chinese Food

  • Grand Asia – Bakery, Chinese Food

  • YumYum Warrior – French Food

  • Chi  Bakery – moon cakes, dessert

  • RCLS  – moon cakes, dessert

  • TAA NC- Tea Eggs

  • UNC TSA – Taiwanese Food, Sushi

  • DUKE TSA – Taiwanese Food

  • Bodhi Vegetarian

  • Nhan Ai Compassion-Thai Food Combo

  •  Vietnames Food

  • Southeast Asian Food

  • Fusion Mexican Food-Gramercy Food Group

  • ATA NC – Turkish Food

  • Indian Food

  • Korean Food

Cultural Drinks (Organization / Food Type):

  • RCLS Bubble Tea

  • UNC TSA – Shaved Ice, Bubble Tea

  • DUKE TSA – Iced Jelly Tea

  • NCSU TSA  Chinese Tea (Hot)

  • TAA NC – Taiwanese  Ice Tea, Wax Gould Drink

  • Gramercy Food Grp – Specialty Drink

Cultural Display (Organization / Food Type):

  • AF Calligraphy- Penmanship Writing

  • RCLS Chinese Arts & Craft

  • Mexican Cultural Display

  • ATA NC – Turkish Cultural Display

  • China Voice/CSSFA  -Shuttle CockIndian


  • Triangle Transit

  • Raleigh Dragon Boat Club

  • Global Link China

  • Raleigh Parks & Recs

  • International Ballet Academy

  • Chinese Kung Fu Center

  • Master Chang’s Martial Arts

  • Rodan + Fields Anti Aging Products by Askcoachfrida

  • International Boutique



  • William Wei Massage

  • Wake Med—Pharmacy

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