Why You Should Watch Naruto

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Naruto (young)

Looking for a new a show to watch when you’re bored? Well, I think you should watch Naruto. Naruto is an Anime about an idiotic but lovable Ninja who strives to become the Hokage, the leader of his village, and to be respected by everybody around him. In the beginning, Naruto is shunned by everyone because he has the nine tailed fox, a demon beast that terrorized his village a few years ago, sealed inside of him. With the help of Iruka Umino his teacher at the Ninja academy, he eventually graduates and becomes a real Ninja. He gets put on Team 7 along with his crush, Sakura Haruno, a strong, female Ninja and Sasuke Uchiha, a mysterious and powerful Ninja. The relationships between the three main characters and the other characters are part of why this show is so great. You should watch Naruto because it’s very inspiring, can be really funny, and constantly surprising .

Naruto  is inspiring. When he was little, Naruto was all alone. He had no friends and nobody to look after him and everybody treated him differently. Everybody looked at him weirdly and whispered about him when he was nearby. Throughout the whole Anime he tries to prove himself and get everybody to respect him. He works hard and never gives up and eventually becomes very powerful. Watching his journey from an underappreciated delinquent who has no friends to a strong Ninja who is revered by everybody around him is very inspirational. For example during the Chunin Exams, a test to graduate to the next level of Ninja, Naruto faces off against an opponent whom no one believes he can beat.  Naruto and his opponent alternate between having the upper hand. When everyone thinks the battle is over and Naruto has lost, he appears unexpectedly and knocks his opponent unconscious. By believing in himself, never giving up, and defeating his opponent when everyone was sure he was going to lose, Naruto shows how people can do anything just by putting their mind to it and believing in themselves even when nobody is on their side.

Naruto (older, Sage Mode)

Naruto is also really compelling because the plots are so complex and surprising. For example, towards the beginning, Naruto and his team set out on a mission. On the way, the team is attacked by an enemy Ninja. This moment is very suspenseful because it is the first time the Team is in any real danger. First the enemy Ninja attacks the leader of the group, Kakashi Hatake, Team 7’s teacher, and he “dies”.  The enemy Ninja moves to attack Naruto and Sasuke defends him. After that the enemy Ninja turns to attack Sakura and Sasuke moves in front of her. Just as the enemy Ninja is about to reach Sasuke, somebody comes in front of him and stops him. It is Kakashi. It is revealed that Kakashi had replaced himself with a log by using a substitution technique and is still alive.


Sakura (older)

Throughout the scene, music and dialogue work together to build suspense. For example, after a wordless pause, a burst of cool sounding electric guitar music gives way to a sudden shot of Kakashi’s face, letting you know that he’s still alive. Reading this right now, you might not understand why the surprising moments are a major reason to watch the show, but the way all the aspects of the show, such as the backstory of the character, their relationships with other characters, the buildup, and so many other things come together in one final moment to surprise the viewer is incredible. Every time I watch one of these moments in Naruto, there’s some point where my mouth literally drops open and I even say out loud “Omg, I did not see that coming.” I also feel the need to tell everybody around me what happened so I have someone to talk to about it, but they usually don’t understand because, unlike me, they haven’t spend hours and hours of their life watching the show.



Naruto can also be really funny at times.  The show has a wide range of characters some of whom have really unique and funny personalities. One character named Rock Lee has has black bowl cut hair, bushy eyebrows and is obsessed with “the power of youth.” His teacher, Guy, and he are always pushing themselves to their utmost and doing things that would be impossible for other Ninja. For example, Guy said if he were to lose at rock paper scissors with Kakashi, he would walk around the entire village on his hands. Well, he loses and the anime shows him still walking around the village on his hands even hours later.

Naruto also excels by showing the viewer what different characters are really thinking. You know how they feel despite what they actually say.  It also gives you more insight into their inner thoughts. For example, when Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were first meeting Kakashi, Naruto played a prank on Kakashi because he was late. Out loud, Sakura first asks Naruto what he’s doing then says that he shouldn’t do that. Then the scene “pauses” and it shows Sakura’s thoughts as a different version of herself and s


he says, “I love stuff like this!”

If this persuaded you to watch Naruto, then you should probably know that there are 700 episodes. Happy watching!

by KawiiKakashi


KawiiKakashi is a high school student from North Carolina who both wrote this article and drew the accompanying pictures.