Wah Lum Kung Fu

Wah Lum Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is an internationally renowned style of traditional Chinese Kung Fu brought to the United States by Grandmaster Chan Pui. Sifu Matthew Martin began studying Wah Lum Kung Fu in 1997 at … Continued

TACAS Cloud Faeries

The Cloud Faerie dancers are a group of teens who were adopted from China. Performing this traditional dance represents a link to their heritage, as well as to the greater Chinese community of the Triangle.


The Filipino-American Performing Artists of North Carolina (FAPA-NC) is a collaboration of Filipino-Americans in the North Carolina Triangle area who wish to impart to, and share with our generation Filipino culture, history and values through music, dance, literature, drama, visual … Continued

Cloud Niners Dance Group

Founded in 2016, Cloud Niners Dance Group is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonreligious cultural organization that provides entertaining and performing acts for local communities, culture events or charitable causes for the purpose of building a positive and harmonious society.