Spices of Liberty (Local Movie to be released in 2016)

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spices-poster2Spices of Liberty is a story of second generation immigrant Americans consisting of Krishna and Radha, their friends and families in the neighborhood  Radha gets a clue to get a soul mate and implements that idea and gets her life partner Krishna. The soul mates get into trouble due to some ‘Circumstances’ which are simple and obvious for Radha but disturbing to Krishna. In the course of the movie, the subjects of freedom and equality are touched by other characters around Radha, Krishna to summarize that USA is a Spiritual Nation. The conclusion of the movie is all about how Indian Scriptures summarize the meaning of ‘Freedom’ to choose whatever a person feels is right for them. 

Is ‘Spices of Liberty’ is a real life story?Suhasini 4

Yes and No. The movie is about the life of Second Generation Immigrants who are trying to adjust to the culture of two different worlds. One from their parents based on the Customs and Traditions of their home land and second one from their current US Life. So it is probable that some of the incidents may be real life events of people to some extent if not completely same.

Is this a Religious or spiritual Movie by saying USA is a Spiritual Nation?

No, this is a social day to day life of people living in America. Every human being strives and aimes to have happiness. That is spirituality. We have some examples from US Constitution and life of Americans to explain why USA is a Spiritual Nation.

Who are target Audience?

Any one who wanted to see themselves in the movie. We have several characters to typically represent an US Family life. You may relate yourself with at least one of them.

Is this movie only for ‘Families’?

It is for every one, singles/married/divorced/retired/student/youth. Movie is aboutRadhaKrishnaandVenu ‘freedom’ in persuing life.

Is there any thing in the movie to learn by Kids of Indian Generation in America.

The movie is about the life, where every one has a choice to do what they want to and like to. We have a scene in which Dad accept the choice of kids even though what he want them to do in that scene is different. That is what most of the parents do as that makes sense from the point of view of the kids 🙂

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