Dragon Boat Festival

dbf_logoOur Mission

To share Asian Culture through the unique sport of Dragon Boat Racing, as a vehicle for organizational team building, fundraising, and fun. In addition, the event helps draw attention to the Greater Triangle area, promotes local communities, and help enhance our growing economy.

Why Participate

Not only is dragon boat racing a fun sport, but it also requires much team work and intense concentration. The numerous races on the event day will boost team morale and foster high-performing teams. All equipment is provided, and we will provide training on the actual race course and serve as the steerpersons for the dragon boat. No experience is necessary to participate, and you are guarenteed an unforgettable experience.

Benefit of Dragon Boat Racing

  • —Celebrates Asian culture, diversity, ethnicity, roots and history. Asian offerings in food, stage performances, cultural exhibits and merchandise.
  • Great way to be outdoors and get a good cardiovascular workout——.
  • Opportunity for people to come together as a team——. It promotes family bonding as well! It is a great way to strengthen the relationship among family members.
  • A great way for people to come together for a common cause——. It is an opportunity to promote social responsibility and leadership skills as well!
  • Opportunity to have fun and to compete with others.

For more information or details to upcoming events, please visit the Dragon Boat Festival website.

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